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Entertainment is arguably the most important aspect of any successful wedding reception, it sets the tone of the event and helps provide guests with a sense of the couples personality.

So here are few tips for those thinking about booking a DJ for their wedding.

When hiring a professional DJ, you should look for someone who will bond with your guests and pace out a fun, entertaining evening. After all, you don’t want everyone going home early.

Most wedding DJs are likely to have vast amounts of music, but it’s how they use it that counts, and entertaining a wide range of age groups at once demands expertise. While specific tastes in music may vary, there are interactive dances that all can enjoy together. Most importantly, the DJ should be playing YOUR choice of music and not their own.

You only have to watch music shows on TV to see how lighting can add to the energy of a room. The right lighting can quickly transform an elegant dining area into a trendy nightclub environment in which your guests can really let their hair down.

Make sure you find out what your prospective DJ’s equipment and lighting rig looks like – you’ve gone to a lot of effort and expense getting the perfect look and you don’t want it spoiled with ugly scaffolding-style equipment.

The best way to understand a DJ is to meet up. This will allow you to gauge their enthusiasm, experience, passion, professionalism and, most importantly, their personality. Does it fit in with yours? You may also want to ask questions about the way they work, and even how they dress while working.

Testimonials and references are important to ensure validity and trust. Always ask for these to see what others have said about them.

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