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Planning a Christmas party? It can be feel like a huge project and a lot of responsibility however if planned can prove to be very simple!

The Key factors to consider when planning a Christmas Party are:

  • Location
  • Venue
  • Music
  • Catering


Make sure you choose a central location to your guests, check access to train lines and get taxi options before the big night.


It’s highly important that you get the right style of venue for your party. Check out the décor, menu, late bar license, music license, smoking area and the capacity. You may be tempted to go for a flashy 500-person capacity but if you only have 50 guests then they will be scattered and you will ultimately lose the vibe of the party. Sometimes the smaller intimate venues create a much better experience.


Music is arguably the most important aspect of any successful event. The choices made set the tone for the evening and the last thing you want is people leaving early. Make sure you ask around your workplace and see what people prefer be it a band or a DJ. You’re never going to please everyone but it’s good to get an idea of song choices and present them to the DJ as a guide. See How to find the right DJ


Most companies will opt for the traditional Turkey roast dinner with all the trimmings but we all know how you feel after Xmas dinner. Full and sleepy! Consider some Xmas themed canapés at the venue or a buffet so people can choose how much they eat. No one likes to party on a full stomach!


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