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Music is often a huge factor in peoples lives, memories from your first date, romantic holiday or even your childhood will come flooding back when your hear a song you love. With your big day approaching make sure you choose the right music for you and your guests.

The first dance: We frequently encounter couples that are shy and don’t want a big deal made of the first dance ushering there friends and family onto the dance floor as soon as possible!
In all truth before DJ’ing at so many weddings this is probably what i would have done too! however….my advice now would be to get over the shyness and embrace the moment. A song lasts just 3 minutes of your life and in this one time event it is truly a special moment you will remember forever.

The first dance is of course important but remember most weddings have an additional 4-5 hours of music that needs to be perfect. Communicate well with your DJ, let him or her know exactly what songs are sentimental to you and when you want them played. Get an idea in your head of how you want the music to flow and always ask your guests for songs they would like to hear as this helps to involve them in the evening. Finally, If your not that up on the songs or titles then tell your dj the genres you like and dislike and put trust in his judgement. An organised DJ set is always the best!

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